Developing High Performance Technology

Sensor Control Loop

Pearlman Consulting offers specialty research and development solutions for data acquisition and system control. We can help you solve technical problems for your business through innovative design, rigorous analysis and prototyping for all aspects of the networked system.

This typically involves gathering, processing and reacting to sensed information from the operating environment to achieve a desired outcome.

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Whatever your technical programming need, we will come up with a customized plan to align with your goals and partner with you for long-term success.

Modeling & Analysis

Modeling + Analysis »

From engineered systems to real-world processes, we can work with you to develop computational models that capture behaviors of interest...


Design »

We have twenty years of experience in designing adaptive algorithms and protocols for communications and control systems...

System Prototyping

System Prototyping »

Take your ideas from early concept, to simulation, all the way to a real-world experimental and demonstration platform...

Code Support

Code Support »

Sometimes, existing code needs to be repaired or enhanced. Have you lost your in-house system expert? We can fill that gap...

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