Pearlman Consulting

Innovative design, rigorous analysis and prototyping for advanced network solutions.
From engineered systems to real-world process, we can work with you to develop computational models that capture behaviors of interest. Depending on your needs, our models can capture broad system behaviors, responses to well-defined scenarios, or anything in between.
We have experience with popular event-driven modeling tools such as OPNET, Qualnet, and ns-2. We also can provide customized, free-standing, computer models for our clients.
Take your ideas from early concept, to simulation, all the way to a real-world experimental and demonstration platform. We can develop prototypes based on Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as various embedded systems. We can even integrate your custom real-world applications into simulated environments for expanded testing capabilities.
We have over a decade of experience in designing adaptive algorithms and protocols for telecommunications systems -- incuding state-of-the-art mobile ad hoc networks and sensor networks. Put our domain expertise to work for you.
Third party code support
Sometimes, existing code needs to be repaired or enhanced. Have you lost your in-house system expert? We can fill that gap - documenting, troubleshooting, and enhancing your model or prototype as needed. We are currently available for short and long term assignments.